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Bruce Graham


What, exactly, are you trying to achieve here?

You can go to the Story view, and set "Slide Advances > By User", and just have every slide jumo to "Next Slide" when user clicks "Next".

That will allow "free" navigation.

What is not working?

Are you able to post the .story file here to help us understand?



Jeney Rodarmor

Hi Bruce,

I didn't explain this very well:  I'm editing the Player Template where I'm given the option to restrict, or not, the user's access.  When I first created the course, I had set the navigation to "Restricted - can only view current and prev slides".  Now, I want to change it to "Free - user can view slides in any order" but I am unable to change it.  When I publish the course, the navigation is still restricted.

 I've never had this problem before.

Peter Anderson

Hi Jeney,

Sounds like you're using Presenter, yeah? The default template that's used to publish or preview a presentation is the last template you published with, not the template you are currently editing. So to apply a particular player template to your Presenter presentation, you must use the Publish feature or the Preview feature, and choose the new template. See if this article helps explain how to apply your changes.