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Peter Anderson

Thanks, Michael. 

Looks like Christine provided you with some additional troubleshooting steps this morning. Outside of a repair (which will only repair your installation, not any saved or in-progress files), the only other thing I'd recommend is contacting our support team directly. They'll be able to gather more information from you and schedule a web conference, if necessary. 

Really sorry for the trouble here, Michael. Hope we can get it resolved quickly

Clare Newlands

Hello, I have successfully exported 4 different modules, but with the 5th one, I'm getting the same error box (there ain't no error message!). If you move the articulate window to the side of your screen there's another save as box appeared with 'save as' - Translation for.doc. If you click save, it disappears and there is now a translation word file, but it doesn't contain all of the data from the module. I wonder if it's something in one of the slides causing an issue.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Clare and Michael, 

Have either of you had the opportunity to try the steps in the video below?

Let me know if you see any improvement.

If not, Clare, please submit a support case with us. We're trying to narrow down what's causing issues with this feature since the update was released.


Clare Newlands


i didn't follow the video, but I did re-structure the module contents. I had one screen jumping out to 7 other screens that all jumped to each other (via hyperlinks). I tidied it up so that it was one screen jumping to 7 different layers instead. It then exported no problem.

Thanks for the speedy response Christine. Hopefully either solution will help others confronted with this issue.

Anthony Fitzgerald

Hi guys,

In case someone else comes here and the solutions above didn't fix their problem, I found a solution that fixed my problem which may help someone else. I think it has something to do with a Clipboard problem. This was the only solution I found that worked after days of searching the Net. 

1, Open the Internet Explorer.

2. Click on the Tools menu. (If it's not shown press Alt first to see the Menus)

3. Select Internet Options.

4. Select the advanced tab on the Internet Options new window.

5. At the bottom of the window click on the Reset button in the Reset internet explorer settings.

6. I then checked the Delete personal settings box. (Don't know if it would make any difference. But it does also delete all cookies and a lot more).

7. Press the reset button.

8. It will then result in a new window, Reset Internet Explorer Settings with a green tick next to 4 sections. Press on the Close button.

9. A final window will appear saying For changes to take effect, you will need to restart Internet Explorer.

10. Press OK. Then Close your Explorer Window.

11. Restart your PC.

Exporting should now work perfectly in Articulate.