Unable to hide player controls

I have a few slides in a branching scenario where I have added a Return button to return users to the main slide. I am trying to hide the Prev and Next buttons on these slides. I have checked the Master slide, as well as the slide properties for the individual slides but can't find the issue. 

The main slide is 1.6 Managing Our Own Anger and the slides that I want to hide the Prev/Next buttons are slides 1.7-1.11

Much Thanks


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Heather Dykes

Okay, I've fixed that slide, thanks Wendy. But it still shows the next button grayed out and then it becomes active again when the timeline ends. This is consistent with the rest of the slides in the course. However, for these particular slides 1.7-1.11, I don't want them to be visible or active at all. The learner should only have the option to use the Return button. 

Thank you  : )