unable to hide/show layers,

Jun 14, 2018


I have created a slide in my course. I want to show the a screenshot when users clicks the i icon on another layer, and proceed to next layer when click next. I am facing a strange problem. If i hide base layer for screenshot layer it hides for all the layers and vice versa. I am not able to make this work? (story file attached)

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Cary Glenn


Take a look at this. I'm not entirely sure how I got it to work but I did. I made the objects on the base layer visible (show/hide) and I think that is what did the trick. Also I changed the hotspots to transparent shapes. This is a personal practice of mine, Hotspots can't have states which can be useful.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anuj,

I tested out your file too, and I also saw some odd behavior when choosing to Hide the base layer items in you screenshot layer. It looks like in all the thumbnails that it hides it from all the layers, but as I clicked through everything appeared normal.  If I went back to the screenshot slide, that one showed the base layer items again. So it appears that setting isn't holding or applying to all slides?

I'm not seeing the same thing in my own files, so it seems like there may be an issue with this file? I tried importing it into a new file, and saw the same issue again. 

Can you tell me anymore about how this file was created or anything else unique that could point us in the right direction? 

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