Unable to publish Storyline 360 course to Sharepoint 365

Jul 08, 2021

Hi all,

I'm new to Storyline and this forum, but my department needs to publish Storyline 360 courses to Sharepoint 365 so that consultants/vendors (who don't have access to our LMS) can complete them.

I am able to publish to old Sharepoint sites (i.e., Sharepoint from 2013 rather than Microsoft 365) by providing a link to the .html file in the course package. However, the same process doesn't work in Sharepoint 365, which we have now moved to at my company.

Does anyone have a fool-proof solution to this? (I tried changing the .html to .aspx but it didn't work).

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Chris, 

If you're having trouble hosting Articulate 360 published content in SharePoint, you can check out this article which explains some of the things that you can try to get the content to load properly: 

Note that since SharePoint doesn't support HTML files, the methods explained in the article are unsupported, but we hope they point you in the right direction!