Unable to Run Storyline Course on iPad With IOS 9.1

Dec 07, 2015

Greetings Folks:
I just received a note from a customer who tried downloading one of my "Storyline 2" created courses from my web site and can't run the program on his iPad with IOS 9.1. He has the Articulate Storyline app downloaded to his iPad and when he clicks the link from my site to download the course, the banner tells him to download the Articulate app. He clicks "Download" again and nothing happens. The app is already downloaded and it won't open the course.

I updated my iPad to IOS 9.1 and ran into the same problem. 
Any suggestions?

Thank you,
Rod Machado

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Crystal Horn

Hey Rod.  Sorry about the troubles with iOS 9.  

We discovered that Apple made some changes to the way that apps launch, causing our content not to launch with the Mobile Player on iOS 9 devices.  For Storyline 2, we have a fix here, and for Storyline 1, the fix can be found here.  

Going forward, just download the updated version of Storyline for future course authoring and edits, and for your existing courses, you can use our course updating tool as described in those articles above.

Let us know if this works out for you!

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