No pdf files downloadable on Ipad ?

Jul 14, 2015


I have published a project with articulate storyline 2.

On my PC I can see and download the files (pdf mainly), but my colleague with his IPAD can not see neither open, download, ...any of those files.

I has the articulate app on his IPad and can open the project online

Can you help me to find the problem and the solution ?

Thank you in advance




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Annick -- Thank you for sharing the link, and I was able to confirm on my iPad that the PDF links in the “To Print for Participants” button on the right hand side did not open for me either, whereas they did when I opened them in Chrome on my desktop. In order to investigate your issue further, I have submitted a ticket on your behalf with our Support Engineers (00603623), so you should be contacted via email shortly. 

Annick Filot

Hello Amber

here was the answers of the support team...

I hope it can help you



Answer 1

May I confirm if you viewed my published content on the link below?

I made a quick screencast using showing that the PDF files are accessible
on the published content using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Please
see below:

Please note that this content was tested to work on Articulate Mobile
Player in iPad Mini and iPad 3 as well. Taking this into consideration,
please follow the instructions below:

Step #1. Update Adobe Flash Player:
a. In Internet Explorer, follow the steps in this article to uninstall
Adobe Flash Player:

b. In Internet Explorer, install a fresh copy of Adobe Flash Player here:

Step #2. Clear cache and temporary internet files on your browser.

Step #3. To reduce some potential caching issues, it's best to set the
browser to request for the latest version of the page rather than relying
on a cached copy. To do this (on Internet Explorer):

1. From the Tools menu choose Internet Options.
2. On the General tab, under Browsing history, click Settings.
3. Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages" make sure "Every time
I visit the webpage" is selected.
4. Click the OK button.

Step #4. If the issue still persists, use a different Web browser and view
the content.

Answer 2

"Hi Annick,

Thanks for writing back.

One of the factors that we may consider, which affects your access to the PDF files attached to the content is if you're behind firewall/Network restrictions. You may need to test using a different device, on an unrestricted network to rule out these affecting factors. We also recommend reinstalling Articulate Mobile Player to ensure that all of its components are intact (Please restart your iPad upon reinstalling Articulate Mobile Player to optimize resource before viewing the content).

We've ran thorough tests on our published content using different versions of iPads and the PDF files were viewed as expected."


Christie Pollick

Hi, Annick - So sorry to hear that issues persist! Are you seeing the exact same behavior as you had previously when you submitted your support case? Please let us know a bit more if you can!

And if Amber happens to no longer be subscribed to this thread, you are welcome to reach out to her directly using the 'Contact Me' link on her profile page. :)

Amber Wade

Hi Annick,

Yes and no. What I was hoping for was similar to the desktop experience where I could link to the PDF and the PDF would be packaged up IN the zipped folder that I delivered to our LMS.


This simply would NOT work for the iPad experience through Safari. So, what I ended up doing is uploading my PDF to one of our outside servers and just linking to the URL. This does work and the PDF will load and open -- it just means you need access to an outside server, which I had hoped to prevent. 


Hope this helps. :)

Annick Filot

Thank you Amber.

I am a bit disapointed that it is not as simple as the program itself :-/

As non technical person I can manage quite easily to create an articulate project, but if the publication on mobile does not work with a click, it is problematic for me and my colleagues :-/

My colleagues are looking for other programs who could be more compliant for mobile publication :-/

Have a nice day



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