How to insert PDF documents in an App for iPad

Oct 03, 2012


I'm developping an App for iPad, which contains a lot of PDF documents.

I have tried different methods to insert the PDF documents in my project, so that the users can open them by clicking on a text :

- hyperlinks on the text itself

- hyperlink on a transparent object.

Neither method seems to work.

When I publish the project as an App and upload it in my Articulate Library, I don't manage to open the PDF documents I've inserted.

Whenever I click on a text-link, nothing happens.

Could you tell me which is the method that needs to be used to insert PDF documents in an App for iPad?



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Zio Fonta

of course the storyline app is too much limitated to be used at the moment. No possibiltiy of downloading a resource in pdf (so, how do you justify the presence of a link in the player that is not working to your customers?) Moreover, if the course is uploaded into Moodle platform, again problems with the app because of autentication not supported, Tin can API version is required as publishing standard, also it must be installed and configured for Moodle...or cloud version. All this stuff make so complicated something that should not be...

Timothy lee

Did you mean you want to use your ipad to view and read pdf document? To this end, I'm afraid you need to install a pdf mobile viewer  app on your ipad which will convert your ipad to a document reader, which belongs to an imaging document library, thus you can read and process pdf document on your ipad with finger, and baisc pdf pages operations, like page zooming in and out, flipping, despeckling, etc.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Timothy and Uchiha, 

Thanks for sharing those links here, although I'm not certain that Zio is still subscribed to this thread, and you may want to private message him. Also, as he mentioned file hyperlinks are not supported in the Mobile player, although they would work within the HTML5 output. 

Also, welcome to E-Learning Heroes Uchiha! 

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