Viewing PDFs—offline—on iPad Air

Apr 08, 2015

Hi, I've read many threads about this but haven't been able to find a solution. I'm using SL1. I will be running it on an ipad air, often offline. I am trying to find a way to link to PDFs from the body of certain slides, not just list them in the Resources section.

I've tried inserting the pdf as a web object on a layer, which works great until I disconnect from the Internet.

Converting PDFs to JPGs or other image files and then inserting them into the scroll bar tool isn't an option because many of my PDFs are multiple pages and they're basically unreadable when converted to a single image.

I tried using the jump to link/file option (linking to a PDF added in resources) but jump to link/file doesn't work in the mobile app, which I need to download and view the course offline on the ipad.

Since "jump to link/file" is not supported in the articulate app, I tried the HTML5 option, but the problem becomes how to run it offline on the ipad. I tried uploading to dropbox, then using the documents app to pull everything down locally to the ipad (dropbox app on ipad doesn't let you download folders, you have to download files individually), but that doesn't work: story won't load.

Any other options to try? Thank you!

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