Unable to see the user's response in 360 quiz review

Jul 01, 2019


I'm in the process of setting up a stand alone quiz in 360. I've set the Results slide up so the users can "Accept Score & Review Test", "Print" their results or "Retake the quiz".  

When users click on "Accept Score & Review Test", they are only able to see the correct answer. For educational purposes, we need the users to be able to see the answers they'd selected in addition to the correct answer.

I've set the Visibility properties to "Hide other slide layers" and have selected "Automatically Decide" for "Allow Seeking" and "Resume Saved state" for Revisits.

I've tried to import the file into another Storyline and that didn't work. 

Please help! I'm under a very tight deadline.

Thanks so much,

Jenell Smith 

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