Unable to show 'Correct answer' layer

Apr 17, 2018

Hi everyone. I need some help here.

I have a drag and drop exercise and the learners need to drag and drop all 4 options before they are click on 'Done'. 

I created variables to reflect the correct responses. The issue is that i can't seem to bring up the correct answer layer regardless of the responses i have made. All the responses seem to reflect a wrong answer layer.  Can someone advise? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michelle,

Thanks so much for sharing your file with me! I made a few tweaks, and I believe I have it working the way you intended. Here's a summary of the changes I made:

  • I added a trigger to submit the Drag and Drop interaction when the user clicks the Done button.
  • I removed all of the triggers that related to the True and False variables. 

Have a look at the updated file I attached, and let me know if that's what you had in mind!

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