Unemployed Instructional Designer need to create work examples for my job search...

Jun 15, 2017

Hello, I am unemployed and do not have many examples of my work because of proprietary contracts as my previous employers.

I need to purchase an eLearning tool to create examples to show potential companies my work. My questions are:

1. With Storyline 360 are all courses in the cloud?
2. If they are in the cloud what happens to my courses if I stop my subscription
3. Can I package and download courses onto my own computer?
4. With only 150 GB of storage, I am afraid that I will run out of space, on average how many courses can you create to stay within the 150 GB of storage?
5. $999 is a lot of money for me currently as I stated I am unemployed; does anyone have suggestions on how to reduce my cost? Either with Storyline 360 or a comparable tool?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Angela T

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Richard Hill

Hi Angela,

1. No you can keep some up in the cloud or publish to the web, which saves to your computer. Your choice.

2. They stay there, but you can't modify them.

3.  See answer 1

4. Many many courses!

5. You can use the demos of  Storyline2 , Storyline3 , and SL360 if you are really in a pinch.  This should be used to  help you make your decision of course, but it will give you time to make quite a few things.  You will have to poke around the site to find each download.

My personal preference would be to purchase Storyline 3. Although it costs more up front, it would last you years as opposed to the 360 yearly subscription.  However you wouldn't get all the libraries of clip art etc, nor Rise.

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