Ungraded drag and drop interaction

Nov 10, 2020

I'm currently trying to create an interaction where there is a list of 5 facts and I'd like the user to reorder the 5 facts in order of importance to them, dependent on their personal preferences. Because it's a preference question there is no right or wrong answers. 

So the user will be able to move each of the 5 text-box objects into whatever order they'd like. How do I do this? 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jennifer,

Design the slide with the object you want, and then convert it to a freeform slide.

In Form View, indicate which items are draggable and which item(s) are drop targets. 

Note: Even though this ultimately won't be graded, designating drop targets will provide automatic options for how the items snap into place. 

For example, if the Drag & Drop Option can be set to "Allow only one item in each drop target." (You can play around with the options to see what works best for you.)

To make it about preferences (instead of a graded question), do this:

  • Go to the Question Tools, and indicate that there should be no feedback and no score.

  • Go the Slide Properties. Turn off the Submit button, and turn on the Prev and Next buttons.

That's it! You'll have a drag-and-drop slide that's not graded, so users can drag items as they prefer.

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