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Samta Chowdhary

I am getting the same issue. My issue started after I added a character to one of the slides and my laptop rebooted automatically. Now I'm getting an exception error. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled SL3 twice but I am still facing the same issue. I have attached the screen grab. 

Jennifer DeLarm

Hi Ashley!

Thank you for responding! I'm seeing this error when I try to open Storyline 3. I have uninstalled Storyline 3 (I don't have 360 downloaded) and I've reinstalled Storyline 3 multiple times and this error will not go away when I try to open it. Why would an error for 360 pop up when I don't even have it downloaded and I'm trying to open Storyline 3?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

It's certainly odd to see that error if you never had Storyline 360 installed at all (not even a free trial)! It sounds like you can't open Storyline 3 at all, correct?  I'm going to start a Support case for you so that we can dig in a bit deeper to this issue! 

Keep your eyes out for an email from Support@articulate.com

Jennifer DeLarm

Hi Ashley,

I did have Storyline 360 installed at one point (the free trial) but I never used it. Why would that have any effect on Storyline 3 though? And no, I cannot open SL3 at all. I uninstalled 360 when I uninstalled SL3 the first time. (I uninstalled and reinstalled SL3 multiple times after that).