Untracked Quiz Not Functioning Properly

Sep 16, 2021

Creating a course with 3 sections: 2 content sections and 1 quiz section. The quiz section contains 16 questions with an 80% passing score. After the quiz, there is an agree/disagree attestation that they must complete. Due to the attestation, I do not want the quiz to be the completion criteria but the learner has to score higher than 80% to access the attestation. During testing, I purposefully failed the quiz and retried. Upon retrying, I answered all questions correctly and still got the Failure layer. It seems that the quiz score is resetting but it is not utilizing the passing score. The Submit Results trigger is disabled due to the completion criteria. Maybe the Flow Results template in the Content Library is broken?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Daniel.

Thank you for sharing the .story file!

I tested it the same way you did: failing it first, then answering all questions correctly. I received 100% on my second attempt, and I was taken to the attestation, which I think is what you want to happen. 

You mentioned you have 16 questions on your quiz, but your sample .story file only had two. I wonder if the problem is on the original file only but not replicated on the .story file you shared. 

If your experience is different than mine, could you do a screen recording showing what you're seeing?