Updated to Flash and change state trigger when audio completes not working...

Apr 01, 2015

Has anyone experienced this.  We are in the process of testing Flash and any course previously made with the trigger "change state when audio completes" will not work.

Not sure if there are other hiccups with this Flash version because we can't move forward in testing our courses without these triggers working.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi S, 

I haven't heard of a particular issue yet in regards to the Flash 17 update, and would be happy to try and replicate this behavior as I just downloaded the Flash update myself yesterday. If you'd like you can share a sample file here that I can test - or tell me more about your set up:

  • What version/update of Storyline are you using?
  • Is the state change associated with a button, image, etc.? 
  • Are the audio and state being changed all on the same slide, layer, etc.? 
  • What type of audio file have you used? 
  • What state are you changing it from? to? 


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