Updating Accessible Hyperlinks

Jul 23, 2021

I'm using the current Storyline 3 Build (12:3.12.24693) and have a question about inserting new hyperlinks into old stories.

In the past, I have added shapes over text in order to create hyperlinks that are recognizable by Focus Order (Tab Order). It is my understanding that with the new build you don't have to create these shapes any further and just insert the text/hyperlinks. When I create a text box from scratch and insert a hyperlink, that hyperlink is recognized when Tabbing and using a Screen Reader. For past stories, I remove the current hyperlink shape/text and insert a new hyperlink. However, the new hyperlink is not recognized when using Focus Order and/or the Tab key. The new link is active and recognized using a mouse, but not by keyboard navigation/screen reader. Is there a setting I need to update or process  I need to change in order for new hyperlinks to be recognized on an older storyline course (.story)? Thank you

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