Updating an Attachment in Resources Doesn't Work

I have been trying to update attachments across seven courses by clicking Edit and replacing with the new file. Without fail, when I republish, the old attachment is still showing. I am having to delete the attachment and create a new resource with the new file (which includes copying the translated resource names before deleting).

Is this a known bug? I didn't see any posts about it.


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Joe Tansengco

Hi Amy,

I tried to replicate the behavior you encountered on my end, but I was unable to replicate the behavior in a new project file. Here's a quick description of how I tested the issue:

  1. Created a new course and attached a resource (PowerPoint file) in the Player settings
  2. Published the course
  3. Replaced the resource with a different file (Image file) and republished the course

The change to the resource was retained after publishing the file for a second time. Are you working locally when making changes to your course? If not, make sure that you are working out of a local directory as working on a network drive has been known to cause issues. 

If you are already working locally, try doing a repair of Storyline 360 and let me know if this works for you!