Upgraded to the latest Storyline 3 and now importing PPT is VERY slow

When I opened the program on 4/24/18 it indicated there was an updated available. So I downloaded that and updated Storyline 3. Since then importing in PPT has been incredibly slow. It used to take a minute or two, and now I have to basically leave it for an hour before it finishes importing the file in. Its not the file size since the size seems comparable if not smaller than past files I've used. Has anyone had the same issues?

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Alex Selamat

I wish i could but it's proprietary. I supposed one thing i forgot to add was that I imported the PPT in to Storyline3 initially before i made the aforementioned update and it uploaded seamlessly and fast.  When i made the update, then it took over an hour. *shrugs* at least it eventually imports.

Kyle Buckel

I am having the same issue, but there's more. 

Not only does it take much longer to import slides now, but the imported slides replace the background with the ppt "default" (that woven canvas-looking texture), and the import process forces powerpoint to open as if I opened a new, blank presentation. I have tried it with multiple powerpoint decks of varying length/file size and they all do the same thing.

I thought I had it solved after successfully importing a test slide from a new document that only had the word "test" on it with the correct background. I copied everything into a new powerpoint document, reformatted it, applied the correct background and saved the new file. I imported it and it did the same thing I first described. 

I know Microsoft has pushed out some updates recently to both the Windows OS and Office, perhaps the issue is caused by something Microsoft changed? I have used the same templates for dozens of courses before and they all import fine (aside from the text being resized to 50% of what it should be, even though the source ppt and SL3 story are the same size...).

Jose Miranda-Sayago

Hello everyone,

I also updated my Office365 software and Storyine 3 to last version and having the same issues. To import a pptx takes ages. I tried to replicate the problem in my laptop, with a non-articulate last update version but with the last version of PowerPoint and the same problems happened. Sometimes, Storyline starts importing the pptx and suddenly a windows's popup appears saying that "there is a problem with PowerPoint and it needs to be shut down" so I assumed that the problem has to be related with a new minor update from Microsoft side. I am using Windows 10 x64 Enterprise 2016 LTSB Compilation 14393 and PowerPoint version 1803 (compilation 9126.2191 from Office 365 x64).I hope that this information will help.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi SK Epic,

I'm sorry to hear you've run into a similar situation, but let's get a bit more information and we can troubleshoot from there! 

First, are you on the latest update of Storyline 3, Update 4? You can check by going to  Help -> About Articulate Storyline and you'll see the update number listed there.

Next, what version of Powerpoint are you using? Are you importing these Powerpoints from s place on your local hard drive to a .story file that is also saved and being edited locally? 

When's the last time you rebooted Storyline? your computer as a whole? 

You mentioned Storyline refusing to recognize them, are you seeing an error message?

Let me know the answers to the above when you can, and that'll help point us in the right direction! 

Danielle Schisler

I've been having the same issue importing PPT using Storyline 360. Right now I'm only importing seven slides and it's taking as long as importing about 50 slides used to take. Importing 50 slides is unbearable. Pretty much have to leave it running all day, which causes issues for getting any other work done.

Crystal Horn

Hi Danielle!  Our team is investigating this issue, and we're collecting some sample projects to better understand why some PowerPoint files are taking a long time to import.  Would you be able to share your .ppt with us here for testing?

I don't have any workarounds yet, but I'll be able to keep you posted on any new developments in this discussion.

Jeannette Kurie

I'm a new user and I'm testing out Storyline 360. My 1st PPT took forever to import also. Turned all the master bkgds to the basketweave photo bkg. I checked the original PPT and the master bkg had the bkg FILL as a picture. I changed it to import a picture on the master. That worked a little faster, but it also turned individual pngs to basketweave pattern photo on individual slides.
I had to copy and paste into Storyline and just match slide by slide to make sure everything was correct.

Graham Cohen

I don't mean to hijack this thread but i'm noticing an incredible overall slowdown of SL3 since the recent update.  Adjusting image sizes, moving an image or just moving assets from one layer to another is incredibly slow.  I've tried rebooting my computer but still no go.  I have not updated office recently.  Only thing i've updated is SL.  This is acting very much like a memory leak issue.  

I'm 4 slides in of a 15 slide project.  All slides have audio imported and only 4 slides have multiple images inserted at this point.  My image files are very small in size.  All under 300k.  Audio files are wav files but ive done projects in the past with a lot more audio then this project and never had an issue until last weeks update.  


Hope this helps.  Something is us somewhere.


Danielle Schisler

I'll second that, Graham. The overall speed of the program has absolutely slowed down in the last few months, and I'm in 360. Even in my smaller projects I'm seeing issues with speed when I do pretty much anything.

I know one of the recent releases said they addressed a memory issue, but I haven't seen much improvement.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Danielle and Graham,

We did fix an issue specific to a low memory available error, but we're still working on the overall performance issues that a number of users have shared they ran into. We'll keep you posted here as we have more info on that - our team is still digging into this and testing various behaviors!