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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chris! This is dependent on how your LMS handles that data, so you will need to check with them.  

Some, such as Articulate Online, support 'versions' and the content can still be reported on as shown here. Others, will require that you upload with a new file name so that data is not overwritten.  

I cannot speak to how Halogen handles that data, but perhaps someone in the community still can.

Ken Stafford

Hi  some thing to consider.

We have two LMS's one I can simply upload the new course over the old one with no issues. However the other LMS is more tricky.  I have to copy the data of the learners enrolled on to the course, upload the new course and then copy the data from the old course to the new one, even if they have the same name, otherwise enrolment and completion data etc is lost and they would need to do the whole course again.