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Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Sharie,

WordPress on its own doesn't have support for uploading Articulate courses. You would need a plugin which does that. 

Most of the plugins only support Tin Can API (xAPI) based content like GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin for WordPress. If you are using a plugin that claims to support SCORM, it is likely that the support is limited to specific versions or SCORM or even limited to specific features in SCORM. You might need to connect with the plugin provider. 

If, you are using GrassBlade xAPI Companion, it doesn't support SCORM currently, and you will need to publish the content with Tin Can. 

Tin Can API (also known as Experience API or xAPI), is also known next generation SCORM, and is recommended method unless you have a reason to continue to use SCORM. 

(from GrassBlade)