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Gai Tuz

Hi Nicki, assuming you have setup your FTP account to only have access to the webroot, then you can easily track which folder/path you uploaded it into.

One thing I would ask is if you are uploading in a publicly visible folder, something like "public_html"  where your website .index file may be located. If that's the case then you can make sure you have a shareable link where your users can access the story file/s.

I'm not sure what the use case is, but let's say you want to find out the public url for your "story_html5.html" which you sent to yourdomain.com webroot "public_html", then it can be accessed on your browser at yourdomain.com/story_html5.html


If you wish to publish directly using FTP, you can also use Storyline's built-in feature to do just that.

You just need to set it up the way you did at Filezilla. 

Hope this helps. Cheers!