Problem transferring files to vpn

Feb 23, 2017

OK, this is crazy!  I updated a presentation, published it to web and tested the file.  It came up with the new presentation.  I went into Filezilla and attempted to update the files in my vpn.  The files seemed to transfer and Filezilla said they transferred correctly.  But when I attempted to use my vpn presentation address the old file came up.

I went into my vpn and deleted all the files for the presentation.  The I transferred the files again.  The old presentation still comes up.

What in the world did I do now?  I've never had a problem transferring files before.

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Walt Hamilton

If you deleted the old files from the vpn, and the old presentation still comes up, it is not coming from the vpn (unless, of course, you made a mistake and copied an old copy.)

The most likely culprit is that you are seeing a cached version. I have a server that takes so long to respond that I can never get a new copy from it until I completely clear my cache.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Melanie,

Give the same link a try in a new browser or using an Incognito or private browsing mode. That should refresh it and ensure you're seeing the latest copy or update of your course. If you're like me clearing your browser cache feels like a stab to my heart. Not that I'm being overly dramatic either... ;-) 

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