Uploading PowerPoint presenations

Jul 09, 2015

Hi, quick question,

When I try upload a PPT presentation via the menu options in Storyline 2, I get an uploading message which continues indefinitely but the file does not upload.  I have tried uploading different presentations (large and small) and the result is always the same.  The longest I have waited is 90 minutes before cancelling the upload. I use PPT 2010.  Any ideas?



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Gary Griffin

Hi Ashley,  thanks for your response.  I admit to not following the instructions to the letter.  However, I think my problem appeared to be with the Camtasia "Add In" I have installed within PowerPoint.  When the PPT upload continued to run (without ending!) I opened "Task Manager" and noticed the Camtasia Add In also opened.  Once I closed the Camtasia Add In and closed the Task manager, the PPT slides uploaded within a few seconds.  Possibly a potential issue to note if Storyline Users have Camtasia installed on their machines.

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