Uploading Storyline files to a website building platform

Mar 27, 2018

Hi everyone - this subject has probably been done to death, however I'm looking for a quick and easy way to upload my Articulate files to a platform such as Wix or other website builders. I have tried to follow the Amazon 3s/cloudberry path, however I am just not getting it! Is there another way, another platform that makes things better/easier? Thank you in advance, I truly am lost right now! :|

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Walt Hamilton

I'm not sure what it is about Cloudberry, whether it's the program, or the explanations that make it SO complicated and confusing. Whenever I have to upload a bunch of files, I use open source and free Filezilla. Easy to use, and loads like lightning. (Unless, of course, I'm trying to load to some place that demands the use of only its own method.)

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