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Mar 22, 2017


I am using Storyline 1 and I was getting the error, " Could not load the file 'story_content/data.swf" when trying to preview the project, after I have uploaded to our internal website.  I have used Captivate before and published project in the same manner to swf and uploading it to our internal website using the same steps.  The Captivate swf file plays, however the Articulate swf file doesn't.  Any idea on how to upload SWF file to internal website? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Gaosheng - Sorry to hear that you ran into difficulty publishing.

I first want to mention that Articulate Storyline doesn't support publishing to a single SWF file

Please be sure that you are publishing and sharing the content as this article explains - and be sure to view as your learner would vs viewing locally as that can cause issue as well.
Gaosheng Her

Hi Leslie

I appreciate you responding.  Our internal website is only accepting MP4 or SWF format.  I have researched and found info to recapture the video and save it to MP4 and did that but the quality of the audio is not good.  Do you have ideas of any other way to convert to MP4?  Will Storyline support publishing to a single SWF or MP4 in the next version/release?  This will be great to include because we do a lot of projects that get published to internal website and do not go to LMS.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Gaosheng - Storyline is designed as an interactive e-learning tool, so I'm not sure the publishing format you are asking about would be included, but I have seen others mention it and you are certainly welcome to share that with our product development team here if you wish. You could open another instance of Storyline and utilize the screen recording option there if you wish and we also have Replay that publishes to MP4 - both would be screen recording your project, but not sure if that would assist you.

Gaosheng Her

If I get Articulate 360, will I be able to open the projects from Storyline 1?  I believe 360 includes Storyline, Studio, Replay, Peek & Preso in one package, right?

We have 2-3 individuals in our department that will need the 360.  I believe there is discount for group subscription.  Who would I need to contact to purchase the 360?  

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