Working with imported Flash files, Storyline not advancing

Jun 01, 2012

In one scene, I've imported a .swf originally created in Captivate 5, and want to follow it with another .swf created in Camtasia 7.1 (got Storyline mid-project). I have another .swf created in Flash just prior to the Captivate .swf, and my triggers to move automatically from the first file to the Captivate .swf work just fine, and the Cap swf then plays through just fine. I want the same smooth transition from my Cap. .swf to the Camtasia .swf, and I cannot get it to happen. I've tried a variety of triggers including advance at end of timeline, and it will not advance off the Captivate swf. (The screen turns white although I can make out that it's the last frame of my Cap. movie, so I know it hasn't advanced). All pieces have playbars removed, and the Camtasia swf works just fine in Storyline when I preview it on it's own. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?



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