Can't audio to pause on an imported Captivate SWF in the Storyline published player controls


I want to know if this is just a known issue. I imported as flash objects swf files created using Captivate. When I publish I cannot get the video or audio to pause when you click the Storyline player control pause button. It appears its on pause because the seek bar stops, but the swf file keeps on playing. Does anyone have information on this? Is there a work around?


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Christoph Krieger

This is not possible. You can not controll imported swf files as they are noch synchonized with the timeline of Storyline.


There would be a workaround if you do not use the Storyline playbar.

But it would need JavaScript Skills.

The exported Captivate swf has an "API". You would have to use this and send some variables to Storyline and vice versa.