swf files don't pause when published in Storyline

Oct 28, 2013


I need some help figuring out why my .swf files don't pause in an LMS published Storyline file.

The swf files were created in Captivate and are published to pause for user interaction on each slide before continuing to the next slide.  When I play back the swf file by itself, it works as intended.

I have the swf file set to run on a slide in a Storyline project with the following settings:

Show Video: In slide

Play Video: Automatically

Timing: Start Time 0 sec

Properties: Show until end of slide

Publishing settings:

Include HTML 5 output

Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad (Allow downloading for offline viewing

Player: Storyline Player

Quality: Optimized for standard delivery


Reporting: Complete/Incomplete

Tracking: Track using number of slides (17 of 20)  *note, slide with swf file is #19 - not tracked

Player Controls includes the Seekbar

One additional thing I've noticed...the clickable areas in the Captivate swf file work correctly in the published Storyline file.  It's the "pause project until user clicks" option that's set in Captivate (and which works fine when the swf is played by itself) that does not work in the published Storyline file.  The pauses don't pause.

Also, the player controls that are being published in the swf file don't work like active controls.  Click any control, or anywhere in the swf file that's playing (other than the clickboxes) and the swf toggles between play and pause.  Are the swf controls invalid when published in Storyline with its player controls?

I could sure use some extra brain power to figure this out.  Any ideas?...Suggestions?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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George Briggs

Thanks Michael,

Makes sense.  The client want it to play in there LMS and also on iPads, hence the HTML5 publishing option in SL.

Would you know of a link for information to publishing a SL file with both Flash and HTML5 webobjects?  I can't picture how to put two files of different types on a single slide and configure things so the device/method used by the user dictates which one is played.  Or do I need to set up a pair of start buttons so the user can select based on the device?

Thanks for your help.  I have some research and trying to do.


Michael Hinze

When you connect your SL web object to the index.htm page of a Flash/HTML5-published Captivate file, the correct version should be displayed automatically ( I haven't tested this yet from within SL, but for a standalone Captivate file, the index page detects the browser and servers up the correct version). I had one more thought when I re-read your publish settings: SCORM tracking is currently not supported in the Mobile Player app (only TinCan). So, for SCORM/LMS hosting, you should uncheck the Mobile Player option and rely on browser-based HTML5.

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