URL link not working in storyline

May 22, 2012

Hi, I have created some simple links to online PDFs in storyline, they work fine for me. My client keeps telling me the links don't work, they are using Firefox. I think this is a browser issue and not a storyline one, can anybody shed some light on this? Many thanks I really stuck to answer my client with a reasonable solution.

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Gerry Wasiluk

By "don't work," do you mean they don't open up or launch or . . . ?

Some first thoughts that may or may not help . . .

1) Are the clients using a pop-up blocker in FireFox?

2) Is the content being launched from a web server or a network drive?  If a network drive, that may not work.

3) If a server, is the server enabled to support PDFs (i.e., it has a MIME type set up for PDFs).

And did you use Adobe Acrobat to create the PDFs or some other app?

Simon Perkins

Some LMS providers (and indeed clients) are worried about security risks when it comes to hosting files themselves.  Rightly or wrongly they believe someone somewhere will hack the address and get access to other files.  A workaround for this to use something like Box.net - you upload your files > add a link to the SL object > learner then pulls the file down when needed.  This could be an option to explore if Gerry's and others' ideas don't work.

EDIT: just noticed that Gerry's reply has been verified so I guess you've got it working.

Clashing Dragon

Hello Folks,

I have a similar query. I have hyperlinked a button to one of the page available in Intranet. I selected the trigger. Jump to URL/File. Action: When User clicks. After I publish the content and move the content to a network drive for others to launch the story.html to view the module. When the user clicks the button the hyperlink do not respond. But it responds if the entire file is stored in my local drive. I use IE 9.

Second: I use Saba as my LMS. After I publish the cotent in Saba, will the hyperlink work? Or do I have to add the hyperlink to the Resources section in the player?


Peter Anderson

Hi Siddharth, 

Yeah, things tend to get a little ugly on network drives. Sounds like your ultimate destination will be your Saba LMS though, correct? You can test your course in SCORM Cloud to determine if it will function properly in an LMS environment. The articles here and here may also help clear up common LMS issues.

Clashing Dragon

Hey Pete,

I have uploaded the content in SCORM cloud and it works fine. As of now I will have my reviewers sign up to this course throug the URL which is generated. I will check in Saba as that is the ultimate destination. Hope it works. Fingers crossed. If I face any challenges will raise a support case. Honestly this SCORM Cloud is a great platform to test the course. Thanks mate.


Clashing Dragon

Hey Pete,

Thanks for the steps to open the debug file. I successfully uploaded the content to Saba. But as the steps say, the debug file opens in a new window. I am unable to stop that popup. After I test a successful launch, i go back to my Configuration.js file and change the SHOW_DEBUG_ON_LAUNCH = false and save the file and then re-upload the content. I still see the debug file launches in a different tab of IE. Any idea how can i stop this tab launch.

Clashing Dragon

Hey Pete,

I figured out the solution. I disabled the content at the Offering level in Saba and then added an expiration date to the content in Content Admin in Saba. I opened the Configuration.js file located the debug script SHOW_DEBUG_ON_LAUNCH = true, to SHOW_DEBUG_ON_LAUNCH = false. Saved the file, then zipped the entire folders once again. Uploaded the content as a fresh piece to Saba and added this to the offering level. It works fine now. The debug window do not appear in a different tab in IE. Thanks mate for the support.

Rebecca Taylor

Hi all,

Adding to Kelly and Chris' comments, I just dealt with this issue today with two different modules I built in Storyline.

When I published the modules, hyperlinked text in a textbox that was animated to "Fade in > all at once" had no problems. BUT hyperlinked text in a textbox that was set to "Fade in > By First-Level Paragraph" wouldn't work. All I had to do to resolve the issue was make all my textboxes "Fade in > all at once" and the hyperlinks worked no problem.

Hope this helps,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim and welcome to Heroes!

Are you testing the published version within the intended environment of testing it locally?  If you view published Articulate Storyline content on your local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.

byron tik

Hi guys, it appears links inside text won't work when you use a fade on the text. they work fine when you take away the text animation.

And yes the publish will need to be placed on a server for you to be able to test the link, you can use any hosting service and I believe even a service such as google drive or dropbox, as they are also servers



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