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Jan 29, 2013


We are sending content to our customer as a local Web files for them to run. However the embeded URL's don't appear to be working. I created a test project which when I test locally my additional test URL (google) works fine and the others for their internal site open but obviously can't locate the page. When I put the test project on their machine and click the same links nothing happens - not even my test google link works.

has anyone come across this and/or know of a fix for this?

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Brian Allen

Hi Nozi, welcome to the community!

I'm sure you've already followed these steps for publishing for CD/DVD or local source, but here they are just in case: http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/publishing-a-project-for-cd-or-another-local-source.aspx

It sounds like you're probably running up against a security setting on the customers computer that is preventing the hyperlinks from working.  This is especially possible if you're publishing your content for Flash, as the Flash Player has a ton of security built in for local playback.

Brian Allen

When you say you're trying to send a CD version, are you creating something like a disc image (.iso) and then trying to send that?  If so, you may have better luck using something like a file sharing site (drop box, etc.) or FTP to transfer the file to the client.

When it comes to Flash Player security, you will rarely if ever see an error message stating that the links are being blocked.  They just won't work.  That's why it's not advisable as a best practice to play flash files locally, but rather from a web server.

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