Use a slider to drag a wide image to appear?

Jun 09, 2023


I have a wide image on a slide and would like to create a slider interaction, where the user drags the slider to the right and the rest of the image appears as the slider is dragged (and hidden again when dragging the slider back to its original position). Like the scrolling panel function but horizonal and with a slider since the scrolling panel only can scroll up and down (correct me if I'm wrong). At the same time I want the image to appear as smoothly as possible.

Hope this made any sense. I've not created a project yet but I attached a screen dump as an example. Does anyone know what I mean and exactely how to do this? Thanks in advance!

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Jose Tansengco


Happy to step in!

You can find some great examples of what you're trying to do by visiting the following article and community post: 

You can also feel free to share a copy of the file that you are working on so we can take a look at how to get it to work. 

Hope these help!