Use Javascript to let a slider control the x-coordinate of images?

Oct 27, 2022

I want to use a slider to adjust the position of two different images on-screen. I originally thought to use two sliders (linked as the same variable) and have each image act as the thumbs for the sliders. However, the images need to be far wider than the screen, and I'm running into pixelation issues (already submitted a case for that one). In the meantime, I'm thinking outside the box and wondering if, with a little Javascript, one single slider with about 100 steps can control the position of both EPS images as a function. For instance, each step on the slider moves the first image by 10px and the other image by 12 or 15. 

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Robbie Christian

This is perfect, Michael. It's good to be humbled. I haven't ever needed to play with that setting, so I didn't even think of it. Thank you for giving me the exact solution I needed.
I'm still curious about using a slider to control coordinates with Javascript, but for now, this solves my issue for this project. Thank you!