Changing output based on position of two or more sliders

Feb 01, 2017

Hi all, I'm new to Storyline, and looking at the available interactivity.

Is there anyway for me to create the following scenario:

  • 2-3 sliders
  • 1 output image

I want to be able to change the output image based on the combined position of the sliders.

For example, I have a bank of 10 images, and the three slides dictate which of those images displays depending on where I place each slider. 

Each of the sliders are three variables which dictate what image is output. The same image could be output using different combinations of the sliders as well.

Any help/guidance appreciated.


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Michael Hinze

Depending on how many steps (possible values) each of your sliders has, it may take quite a few triggers but it can be done. The images could be states of an object. Then add triggers that account or each combination of slider values, e.g. Change the state of image object_xyz to state abc if slider1=... and slider2=... and slider3=...

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