Use Mouse cureser twice

May 18, 2016

Is there a way to use the mouse curser wtice,


Like: click the menu button, click this option to select.....

It is not even possible to add a second mouse on a second layer!?



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Crystal Horn

Hey Lya.  Only one mouse cursor can be added to each slide, and it must be added to the base layer of the slide. Mouse cursors aren't supported on layers or slide masters.

You can duplicate that slide and the mouse cursor will enter "from" where the last one left off:

If the Enter From selector is grayed out, it's because the direction of the mouse movement is already determined by the previous slide. When you have consecutive slides with mouse cursors, the end point of the first will be the beginning point of the next.

I totally understand if having more than one cursor on a slide is important to you.  We always appreciate knowing what works for everyone, so I'll invite you to submit a feature request on that!

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