Use variables to move check box selections to printable page

Oct 11, 2016

Hi Storyline friends!

I'm creating a large list of development tips for learners inside a virtual coaching module.  I'd like them to be able to select 3-5 of the development tips (by clicking checkboxes) and have those tips appear on one page that they can print or email. 

I know how to set up the print script for the page, just not sure if it's possible to assign a variable to the checkbox that will show the selected development tips on the page.  Suggestions?

Many thanks!




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Stephanie McClellan

Thanks Wendy - this is helpful.  I'll need to think about how this approach might work with multiple pages of choices.  For instance.  This module will contain 30 + competencies and probably 10 development tips for each. The learner will be considering several competencies to work on and selecting development tips from those.  These are all separate slides (sometimes multiple slides) within the module. Not sure how I could set the variables and states so that only the ones selected show up on this page  - and wouldn't overlap each other.

Stephanie McClellan

Thanks to you both -

I'm designing the basic framework for the module now - will need to have a prototype together very soon.  I'm concerned that with the large number of potential development choices (some of which are a paragraph or so long), roughly 200 (spread out over 30+ competencies), the checkbox method may not be viable?

Ultimately, the learner needs to be able to target several competencies and 3-5 development action steps overall that they can easily add to their IDP.

Other options I could consider:

  • Use text fields to create each of the development actions so the user can just copy and paste the one/ones they choose to their IDP.
  • Use a print page java script so learner can print screen with the development action step they've selected.





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