Publishing to CD and using the "print results" function


Is it possible to publish to CD (for use without internet connexion) and use the function "print results"? 

I tried, but when I click "print results" IE opens an empty page.

I find that quite strange because I publish a offline version, so I am not supposed to a have Internet connexion. Also because IE is not my by defaut browser, so why it opens first? And finally, when I copy paste the link to Google Chrome or Firefox it does not work either. 

Any tips on that?

Thank you in advance.


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Anne-Laure Valenduc

Well, the page is white, there is nothing there, nor print option.

I have autorized all popups and if I have to autorize some action I do, but it is still white.

Is it even expected that the "print result" function work when publised to CD?  Because people won't have any internet connexion.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ksenia,

As Phil mentions, the CD output runs off of Internet Explorer and the Print screen will show a new IE page where the learner would view results. 

Here's how to check if Internet Explorer is using compatibility mode: 

Option 1: Change Your Compatibility View Settings

  • Click the gear icon in Internet Explorer (or click the Tools menu if it's visible), then choose Compatibility View settings.
  • If the website where your course is hosted is listed in Compatibility View, select it and click Remove.
  • Also, if you're using an intranet, such as SharePoint, to host your course, temporarily uncheck Display intranet sites in Compatibility View.
  • Click Close, then launch your course again. If the page is still blank, try the following method.

Option 2: Use the Developer Tools to Switch Document Modes

  • Click the gear icon in Internet Explorer (or click the Tools menu if it's visible), then choose Developer Tools. They'll open across the bottom of your browser.
  • On the right side of the developer bar, you should see an icon that looks like a computer monitor and a smartphone with a number beside it. When you hover over the icon, a tooltip will say Document mode (with a number). Click the icon to display a list of Internet Explorer version numbers.
  • Select version 11, then launch your course again.

Let us know if that helps!