Using a keyboard key as a trigger

I'm creating an interactive simulation using try mode. I have a screen recording and on one of the slides I have a Data Entry Box where I want the user to type a number from a list of options which show on the screen recording. Then then have to press a key on the keyboard to continue to the next slide.

I've set a variable on the data entry box to only accept the correct option number. I've put a button next to the data entry box with a trigger to jump to the next slide when the user clicks it. This works, but instead of using  a mouse click I want to use one of the F keys on the keyboard (not the enter or tab key).

There's an option to do this in Adobe Captivate and it works. How can I do this in Storyline?

I'm using Google Chrome and it's not affected by the F keys. I've attached a sample file to show the set up.

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Phil Mayor

I would avoid the function keys, I don't think you can test this in Storyline as F9 is publish.

It is probably easier to use a numeric question and set the submit key to F9, this is because using a data entry field for it to set the variable the control must lose focus this will not happen with a key command and as you have a condition it will not work.

Phil Mayor

F12 in a browser will open the debug option, in Storyline you can add a submit button to the slide with the slide properties on the layer pane.

You can still use F12 but will not be able to test in preview and would need to publish either for CD or upload to a server for testing.

If you add a normal data entry than that is set to submit when the field loses focus and cannot change, you can fake a key entry but would need the control to lose focus if you need to use a condition.

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