Using a pretest score to determine branching path

I have created a quiz in Storyline and want to pass the score to a screen that: 1) displays the score and, 2) if all are answered correctly (100%), they pass and are directed to a screen where they can opt out of the course. If they fail (answered one or more incorrectly), they proceed to take the course. I think this would involve using variables based on pass/fail. Any suggestions or examples out there?  Thanks, Pamela

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Pamela,

Welcome to the community!

Not sure this has everything you need, but it may get you started. And, it's very "barebones"...only has functionality.

The file consists of

  • a T/F quiz; T is correct answer.
  • a M/C quiz; a is correct answer.
  • a standard Results Slide, since I thought the passing score might need to be sent to an LMS?
  • a new scene where the "course" begins (there's only 1 slide).

I've removed the "default" Review quiz button from the Base Layer of the Results slide.

On the Success layer, I've modified the default prompt text box to say, "Congratulations, you may opt out of the course."

On the Failure layer, I've added a button that says, "Click for Course." This button's trigger jumps to the scene where the "course" begins.

Please shout out with any questions.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sabine! Could the course material simply be interspersed with the quiz questions? 

Question 1:

Correct - Branch to Question 2

Incorrect - Branch to Slide X with material - then to Question 2

This may be easier that variables if you want it real time. Just an idea. Hopefully others in the community will chime in to assist here with your design request.