Using a Slider in a Freeform Question

Feb 20, 2015

Hey Gang,

Received an interesting questions today and wanted to get all your thoughts. Here it is:

Can you include a slider as part of a graded quiz question? If so, how? Is it a freeform question? If so, which type? How to indicate the criteria for a correct response?

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Michael Hinze

Yes, you can use a slider in a graded question. See here:  the 6th example (the soccer-related question). That's a Freeform Pick-One question which was moved off stage and the correct answer choice is set to Selected if both sliders (the correct answer is 7:1) are set correctly.

Nicole D

I am using sliders in a waste stream story where users choose none, small amount, moderate amount, large amount. There are no right/wrong answers - just how much waste they are producing in different areas. There are multiple sliders throughout the story. I have all the responses showing on a final slide that I want them to print. Unfortunately the javascript print code does not work in Chrome or Firefox (see this thread.) So I thought I could use a result slide with the built in print button. How would I do this with a slider that has no right/wrong answer? Thank you!

Bryce Gilbert

Hi, I've done free form pick-one drag & drop interactions so user has to drop multiple items into the correct drop zones to get the question correct. However, I'm having problems getting my slider interaction working in a similar fashion.

I just want one slider, and to provide correct feedback when the user selects one of three different locations on the slider. I'm adjusting the trigger for correct to say if value = x, OR value = y OR value = Z. Then set incorrect to be if not equal to any of those values. Am always getting Incorrect when testing. Any ideas? Thanks.

Michael Hinze

In your original file, the conditions on the incorrect trigger overrode the correct trigger. If you wan to use conditions on the incorrect trigger as well, this trigger needs to be moved BEFORE/ABOVE the correct trigger. The same applies for my example, which initially sets the incorrect choice as selected (no matter what), and immediately after that sets the correct choice IF the slider is 2,4, or 6.

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