Using a variable to jump to a slide

I have SlideX with 7 shapes that have triggers that jump to 7 different slides. The target slides all have an image with a trigger to jump back to SlideX

I made a number variable and each time the user clicks on one of the 7 target slide return triggers, it adds +1 to the variable.

So I want a trigger that says jump to a different slide all together when variable equals 7.

Users may click on the 7 triggers on SlideX in any order, so I can't just put a trigger to jump to the desired slide on the "last" target, if that makes sense. 

Where do I put the trigger that says jump to "totally different slide" when var = 7, remembering that the target slides' triggers are all sending the user back to SlideX?


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IONE Trainer

I was trying it the other way (Jump to slide 'new' when variable changes with condition that var = 7) but I just tried your way... I had to move the respective triggers that added the +1 to the var on each slide to first position, but it worked. I tried making the trigger on SlideX say when timeline = 0, however, so that there wouldn't be that split second flash of SlideX before 'new slide" appears... unfortunately, that does not work. There's still a quick flash of Slide X. But this is progress!

Thank you for your kind assistance.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Roberta

if you want them to come back to slide X and not flash you could have the next button disabled on Slide X and have the next button enabled.

So the triggers would be

  • change state of next button to disabled when timeline starts on Slide X
  • change the state of next button to normal when timeline starts on Slide X on condition that variable =7
  • jump to totally different slide when user clicks the next button
Paul Gurdin

Hi Michael

Thanks for your prompt response. I have actually resolved the matter now. Basically I set up a condition to say

if variable1 = x then jump to sheet1 or

if variable1 = y then jump to sheet2 or

if variable1 = z then jump to sheet3

It's not perfect but it does the job for what I needed

Kind Regards

Walt Hamilton

Check the mixed Navigation in the sample at this post: 
It has a menu slide with four buttons that take the learner to different slides. When each section is finished, it jumps back to the menu, and when they are all visited, a button appears that can have any trigger on it you want. In the restricted navigation, the four buttons appear in order, only after the previous one is visited.