Using AI for localization

Nov 22, 2023


I am looking for an easy way of localization RISE and Storyline Corses.

Is there an integrated approach of using AI for localization?

Thank you for your help!

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Andrew Miller

Hey Martin!

Currently I haven't seen a complete solution but there are several areas you can add AI to your Articulate localization workflow.

Use Speech to Text transcription for the creation of subtitles/close captions. I'd recommend checking out We still recommend proofreading the AI transcription. 

Naturally you can run machine translation on the editable text once you export as an XLIFF. We'd recommend adding a human layer of editing to the MT output for the highest quality.

If you're interested in voiceover there are many tools on the market to generate synthetic/AI voice. 

Aside from these, the localization process tends to be manual with preprocessing, production, postprocessing, and QA stages. 

Hope this was helpful.