Using Articulate Storyline on SMART boards

My organization has decided they want to use Articulate Storyline for ILT; we'd also be sharing these files on an interactive SMART (brand) board. Has anyone done this, and could share some tips/tricks/ideas? My major quesitons are:

1. What technical difficulties did you run into (if any)? Did you need to use the Notebook software from SMART to run any of the programs, including Storyline?

2. What were some successful interactive activities you did? If we make interactions in Storyline, will the SMART board allow for the students to move items around/click/drag/etc?

Thank you SO much for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica and welcome to Heroes! 

I haven't seen a lot of discussion in the forums about SMART boards, but did find a few other threads such as this one and this blog post from Tom Kuhlmann on using interactive whiteboards.   You'll also want to check that the SMART board is up to date with the system requirements for viewing content.