Using articulate storyline2 online via a LMS

Hi everyone, just need a little bit of advice on using articulate online with a wi fi / internet connection via a LMS.

Is there a minimum upload/download speed that users should ensure their laptop/tablet/pc operates at for best performance of the scorm file ?

I've had issues where users gets an alert message from the LMS ( attached ). 

There were other issues such as the LMS stating that one attempt had been made at the exam when it hadn't ? 

The hosting LMS provider is stating that this is an internet speed issue.

Is this a LMS issue , wi fi / internet speed issue, a scorm file issue or a combination of some or all  ?

Any advice appreciated please


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Altan Ahmet

Thanks for providing the link to the viewing content Alyssa, I did already have this, but don't think its an issue related to viewing, is it ? I'm assuming that as long as the users pc/laptop/tablet meets the viewing requirements, then that's all I need to worry about yes ?

I must admit I'm confused about viewing in flash and HTML5. If the user doesn't have flash, then they view in HTML5 is that correct ?

Yes it would be helpful if any users out there have any experience of what speeds work ?

Happy New Year

Alyssa Gomez

Yes, that's correct - the only thing you'll need to consider is if the learners are using a supported browser to view Flash and HTML5 content. 

When you distribute a published course uploaded to a web server or LMS, Storyline determines which version of you content to display when learners view it. Learners will see the Flash version of your course if their browser supports it. If learners are using a browser without Flash and you marked the HTML5 option, they'll see the HTML5 output. You can read more information on that here

Please let me know if you have any further questions!