Using Final Assessment Score to determine whether or not learner gets credit for course

Feb 11, 2023

I'm trying to get my Articulate Storyline course final assessment score to determine whether or not the learner is marked as having successfully completed the course in our Cornerstone LMS. Currently, the LMS marks the learner as having completed the course when they finish the quiz, whether or not they pass the course. I need to have it only mark complete for learners who pass the course with the established 80% passing score, so the user has to re-take the assessment and pass it to get credit for the course. I have Googled, been to E-Learning Heroes, etc. and so far no answers. I'm thinking I should be able to do this in the Reporting/Tracking section of Storyline's Publish to LMS function, or perhaps I need to add some kind of trigger on the test Results slide in Storyline.

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Judy Nollet

The Reporting and Tracking Options window includes a drop-down for how to report the course's status to the LMS. You may want to experiment with those settings.

FYI: I have a client who uses CornerStone. They have me publish using the "Completed/Incomplete" setting. 

BTW, you could track the course via a completion trigger (instead of the quiz score). If you put that completion trigger on the Success layer of the Results slide, it will only run when the user passes the final quiz. Note, though, that the course won't report the quiz score to the LMS if you use this option.