Using JavaScript to move a Character on a Slider


For a course I am trying to develop, I have an animated character that I've created 5 states for and have them linked to be triggered from 5 points on a slider I plan to utilize off the slide. I was wondering if there were any JS code that I could use that would automatically move the slider then in turn would trigger the states to create a simple animation. 

I want to make the animation time based so I want the JS to be activated when the timeline hits a certain time. 


Let me know if this would be possible. As an FYI I am still new to JS so if you can break as much down for me that would be great :)





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Kevin Merendino

Hi Matthew,


Thank you for the suggestion and yes that makes sense but thought there might be a quicker way around having to set triggers for each state.


Not that there was a slider being used in this video but I thought I could use some of the concepts in this video regarding JS.