How to move a character, then change their state depending on their new position?

Hello, everyone! 

(I have not found this in previous discussions on the forum, I promise I have looked!)

I am trying to do the following: we have 2 characters and 5 questions, with the Mission to get as close as possible. 

When the learner answers correctly, Character 1 takes a step closer to Character 2, then the Correct feedback layer appears and a Continue button to the next question.

If Character 1 answers incorrectly, he takes a step back (farther from Character 2, relative to the previous position, not the starting one) and the Incorrect feedback layer appears.  And so on. 

I was thinking of an "invisible slider" with values from zero (farthest) to 10 (closest), starting at 5 and incrementing by 1, where the thumb is the image of Character 1. BUT I also need the states of character 1 to change depending on the position he reaches on the slider. I want him to be Desperate at 0 and Happy at 10- I don't see how this could happen when I use a slider. My other idea was to use motion paths, but is also difficult to associate with a state change ... How can I make this happen? 

On the other hand, do you know why the "emotional" states are not showing when I am trying to create a trigger? (see attached image) 

Thank you very much for your help! 

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Walt Hamilton

Your slider is a great idea, but the thumb can only be one picture, so that doesn't work.

As to moving him, I think you'll be a lot happier if you do it all on one slide. Keeping track of where he is, and placing him in that spot on a new slide may be a lot more work than you need to do. Of course, in that case you can't use the built-in Correct and Incorrect feedback layers, you will have to show  a dedicated pair after each question. but don't worry, whatever you use to trigger those feedback layers can also move the character. Give him one forward motion path, and one backward path, both set to use relative starting points. When a question is answered, mover the appropriate direction, change the state accordingly, and show the corresponding feedback.
Each question will need its own set of triggers, to show the right set of feedback layers, but the move forward or backward triggers will be the same. You may need to create a variable to keep track of which step he is on, so you can set the expression. Whether he moves forward or backward to get to step 3, he will have the same expression once he gets there.

Mihaela Cris

It's me again ... I've been trying to make it work with the states of the slider ... but when the slide jumps to the next question, it starts in the Normal state, although the variable value is updated (I viewed the variable in a text box)... I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what .... 

I am attaching the file, hopefully we find a solution.... Thank you very much!