storyline slider skips a stop


On the attached story, notice that the BLACK slider is unable to stop at the -$1 position.

I tried adding a new slider (the BLUE slider), and it also skips a stop ... but at the $1 position.

I used the following settings for the BLACK slider:

start: 5

end: -5

initial: 1

step: 1

I used the following settings for the BLUE slider:

start: -5

end: 5

initial: 1

step: 1

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Learning Support.

If you take a look at the discussion Walt shared above, you'll see we have a bug reported where the slider skips a step when starting or ending with a negative number, which is likely what you're experiencing. 

I added this discussion to the report, so I can update everyone when I have some news.