Keyboard navigation with auto-shuffled quiz responses

Apr 18, 2022

We want to be able to use keyboard navigation to move the different interactive components of our course. When I press TAB, the yellow box moves to a part of the screen. When I get to a knowledge check and press tab, the cursor moves to one of the radio buttons (in a button set). Then I can use the up/down key to move through the options. This seems to be due to the recent update to accessibility. 

Here's the issue. When I get to a question slide and tab to the options, it seems to be random on which radio button the cursor moves to. It seems to be related to shuffling the responses. If I have it set up so the answers are 1, 2, 3 and shuffle the answers, the tab will always tab to 1. If the order on the screen shuffles to 321, then pressing the down arrow will take me to the bottom option (1). middle option (2), and the top option (3). It looks upside down, but it seems to be going by the native order.

Is this intended? Is there any way to fix this? 



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