Using Keyboard Shortcuts CTRL + C and CTRL + V (Copy from a text box to a text entry or numeric entry field)

May 26, 2016

What is the best way to achieve the functionality to copy characters from a text box and paste it to a text entry or numeric entry field?  I have a software simulation module, where I would want the user to have an option of copying and pasting characters using the shortcut keys (or even using the mouse right-click).  Currently, I have the text to be copied created using a text entry field, so that you will be able to highlight it and perform a copy (CTRL + C).  But as soon as you paste it to a text or numeric entry field, it only works if you hit CTRL + VV in a quick motion.  It you should just be CTRL + V.  Any help is appreciated.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Zak -- I see! Thanks for the clarification, and you may want to try importing the file into a new file to see if you find improvement, and there are also some general troubleshooting steps listed here that may help you find improvement.

Could you please also confirm that you are testing the published output in the environment in which it will ultimately be accessed by learners and let us know if you are experiencing the same difficulties there, as well? 

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